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Ludo Mich is a Belgian Fluxus artist, performer and filmmaker, active since the 1960s.
The Ultra Eczema label was instrumental in bringing Ludo to the attention
of a younger generation after seeing Ludo’s pansexual aktionist emetic films from the 60s and 70s
 – nudist adaptations of science fiction and Greek myths.
In 2005 Ultra Eczema released an lp cut from the soundtracks of these experimental films
which featured Dadaist poetry, savage cries and screams, homemade instruments and junk sound.
Through this fresh wave of exposure, recent years have seen Ludo Mich collaborating with,
amongst others, Dylan Nyoukis, Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer and Wolf Eyes.
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e x p e r i m e n t a l | l y r i c a l | p s y c h e d e l i c

Anonymous said...                                                                                                                                                                            Listen! : excerpt from 'Fluidium'                                                                                     
But, I disagree strongly with your music review.
Actually Ludo Mich sounds like Smegma gestalt
with Anton Bruhin having a forest fire, not the other way around.
A very beginner mistake!
Also, these soundtracks are not nearly as good as his earlier work,
recorded when he was three.
(the only copy of which is in a shoebox
in a garage which i share with Living Theater)                                               

Gwilly Edmondez 
performs solo and in small groups
using voice, guitar, pocket samplers, turntables and dictaphones.
Music is mostly made up on the spot and usually seeks to align
itself with idiomatic contexts rather than avoiding them.
    Gwilly has spent a lot of time resisting coherence and continuity,
to the point where a willful anti-professionalism can be regrded as
his music's defining chracteristic.
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